Pat & Megan’s wedding day will always hold a special place in my heart. Not just because they're awesome and their wedding was one of the most fun and rowdy weddings I've been to, but because it was my first wedding pregnant! So basically it was my baby girl’s first wedding! Unfortunately that means it was also my first wedding battling ‘morning’ (aka always) sickness but we survived, the pictures are awesome, and Pat + Megan got married so clearly it was a success!

Megan is so kind. That morning I met her at the hair salon and she noticed the motion sickness bracelets on my wrists. I  wasn’t planning on announcing I was pregnant but if you're an intuitive girl, you notice these things so Megan noticed and found out. And, on HER wedding day, she was SO excited for me and congratulatory. She kept saying “I am just so excited for you! That’s amazing!” I kept saying “NO GIRL, I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!” And that’s when you know it’s going to be a good day… when you’re fighting over who’s more excited. Clearly I was more excited, it was her WEDDING DAY after all! ;)

I met Megan in May of 2017 at another wedding of mine! She was a bridesmaid in Dylan & Kayleigh’s wedding (whose wedding rivaled this one in dancing, fun, and rowdiness). When she reached out about wedding photography, I remembered who she was and crossed my fingers right then and there that they’d book. AND DREAMS DO COME TRUE!

My favorite part of this day was the amount of times Megan did the splits at the reception. Yes. The bride. In her wedding dress. It was legendary. And of course - I included every single time (that we know of at least ha!) in this blog. That’s worth scrolling through the photos for. ;) Also, this wedding party is what photographer’s wedding party dreams are made of. Super high energy, willing to go all out, and just straight up loving on and celebrating the bride & groom. Can’t fake that energy and love people. Y’all got some good friends.

Pat & Megan - thank you so much for trusting me to capture your wedding day. It was truly an honor!