About Me

About Me

Rachel McIntyre with Kharis Photography behind the scenes at sunset
Rachel McIntyre with Kharis Photography behind the scenes at sunset
Rachel McIntyre with Kharis Photography behind the scenes group photo

About Me

Hey there, I'm Rachel. This is my husband Daniel & our precious babies. You're probably wondering "how'd you get into this biz?" Well, I always loved taking pictures and used to make my sister "model" for me using my point and shoot. (I still have examples of these. Literally horrible. haaa) When I got my first real job out of college I saved enough, did a little research and bought my first camera. I started taking pictures of friends - mainly couple & senior shoots - and within a year it snowballed into an actual business! In 2015, a friend asked me to shoot their wedding and I was so scared I barely slept the night before. But I ended up loving everything about it and surprising myself with how decent the pictures were. ;) Since then, I've been hooked. For a year and a half Kharis Photography was a side hustle as I worked as an account manager for a creative agency. Then, in February of 2017 I took a risk and made the jump to full time photography. It's been the best career decision I've ever made. I say it all the time, I have the very best job in the world. My 'job' is to celebrate others. To encourage, laugh with, and capture their most precious moments. Not many occupations can say that. I also get to work from home in my athletic shorts and my boss lets me take as many vacation days as I want so it's really not a bad gig. ;)

Obsessions (besides photography):

  • Dance parties – especially to the Wobble & the song Come On Eileen. Just let me know if you want me to lead a special choreographed dance at your reception to Come On Eileen, because I’ll do it. Guaranteed party starter.
  • Fun things - I’m currently trying to convince my husband to buy a hot tub and let me make the guest room into a tent room (exactly what it sounds like).
  • My people - I'm fiercely committed to my people. My family. Friends. Church. Clients.
  • Game nights - Does this make me nerdy?
  • Eating cookies - Like seriously, I love cookies.
  • Change - My husband says I can't go long without some sort of change - a craving for a new tattoo, a different hair color or cut...
  • Also this is not an obsession but I hate bugs. Felt noteworthy.

Enough about me...

I want to hear about YOU and the loveeeeee of your life. If your wedding is going to be a major celebration filled with all sorts of laughing, general merriment, and maybe even tambourines – I’m your girl. So, let’s hang out like we’re old friends. I’ll bring my camera and maybe some pizza.

Rachel McIntyre with Kharis Photography standing in Charlotte NC Uptown street