About Me

About Me

Rachel McIntyre with Kharis Photography behind the scenes at sunset
Rachel McIntyre with Kharis Photography behind the scenes at sunset
Rachel McIntyre with Kharis Photography behind the scenes group photo

Hey there, I'm Rachel! This is my husband Daniel & our precious baby girls. Years ago when we were taking our engagement photos Daniel decided we should do a "jumping picture" where he jumped and I stood there looking all cute and classy. Well, it's become a tradition so here's us with our 2 girls and brand new baby boy! For the past 7 years I've been a hybrid wedding and family photographer. Starting this year (2022) I've decided to focus more on family sessions so I can have more time at home with our growing (and demanding) family! (I'll be taking limited weddings for 2022-2023 so reach out quick if you're interested!)

A little about me: Honestly, there's nothing that excites me more than a good meal and an even better dessert - specifically cookies. My favorite part of photography is when the sun shines through the trees justttt right for the perfect photo. I geek out. You'll see. Also, I think I'm really funny. I balance taking care of our children full time and running a successful photography business during their naps/after they go to bed. It's exhausting but rewarding. I mean, my job is the actual best. I get to work from home in my leggings and my boss lets me take as many vacation days as I want so it's really not a bad gig. ;)

Obsessions (besides photography):

  • Eating cookies - Like seriously, I love cookies.
  • Dance parties – especially to the Wobble & the song Come On Eileen. Just let me know if you want me to lead a special choreographed dance at your wedding reception to Come On Eileen, because I’ll do it. Guaranteed party starter.
  • Fun things - I like fun things. I’m currently trying to convince my husband to buy a hot tub. One time I had a tent put up in a spare room and we called it the tent room and watched movies. Complete with twinkle lights.
  • My people - I'm fiercely committed to my people. My family. Friends. Church. Clients.
  • Game nights - I LOVE game nights. Any game you play around the table with friends and I'm in. Does this make me nerdy?
  • Change - Daniel says I can't go long without some sort of change - a craving for a new tattoo, a different hair color or cut...
  • I hate... This is not an obsession but I hate bugs. Felt noteworthy. Oh and I hate slow drivers and bad internet... with the fire of one thousand suns.

Enough about me...

When people drag on and on about themselves it's the worsttttt, so enough of that. Let's talk about YOU and alllll your photography needs! Hit that lovely "contact" button below for more info!

Rachel McIntyre with Kharis Photography standing in Charlotte NC Uptown street