Meet Marguerite

Or as i fondly call her, margarita!


Meet the first ever Kharis Photography associate photographer, Marguerite. Marguerite and I met in 2014 and she quickly made her way into my life as one of my best friends - we were even bridesmaids in each other's weddings! We have spent many afternoons laughing hysterically, eating food, and trying to solve the world's problems. Marguerite is one of the most FUN, genuine, and loving people I know. She feels like an instant friend and is a perfect fit to the Kharis Photography family! Marguerite started photography in 2018 and picked it up quick. Like really quick! She's amazinggg!! Marguerite tagged along with me on several shoots and weddings and learned how I do business, pose people, and serve clients. People have always said Marguerite & I are "like the same person" in terms of personality and I definitely feel like I made a photography clone in terms of style & client experience with Marguerite! I 100% trust you're in the most perfect, capable hands with this girl! Along with shooting for Kharis Photography, she is married to a wonderful man named Hunter, works full time, and is in the process of growing her own photography business! Everyone say "heyyyyyy!!!!" to my Margarita!!

Fun Facts:

  • Hunter & Marguerite met in college and were married shortly after Marguerite graduated.
  • Marguerite often cries when she laughs.
  • She is a really good dancer, just wait, you'll see.
  • She's always down for anything. Literally.


Working with Marguerite is a lot like working with me (Rachel)! She is trained, capable, and amazing at her job. She makes you feel like a million bucks in front of the camera and you'll leave feeling like you made a friend. Often times Marguerite photographs occasions I'm already booked for & I edit the photos. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!


Just like if you were to hire a carpet cleaning company (great example right?), they'd send one of their team members out to clean the carpets but ensure you get the company's known quality and expertise. That's exactly how this works! Book through Kharis Photography using the contact page and if I'm unavailable, you'll be lucky enough to meet Marguerite! :)

Further Evidence...

In case you weren't convinced here's some more evidence that Marguerite and I make a great team. One time we were texting about going out for mexican food and I told her I didn't know if I could because Daniel and I had plans that night. Then I told her maybe I could do steak with Daniel & mexican with her in the same night... at the same time she told me that. Told you we were the same person. ;)