All About that Joy, Real Emotion, and Sunlight

First off… CONGRATU-FREAKIN-LATIONS on your engagement! I did a little happy dance when I saw your inquiry because I LOVE photographing weddings! My couples choose Kharis Photography because they love the way I capture the sunshine and the actual joy you feel on a wedding day. My goal is you'd look as happy and in love in your photos as you feel! Some have heard I'm really good at the Wobble too and just want to see my dance moves in action. ;) Sooo, let's do this thing!!


A few things to note:

Professional Timeline Help

I will help you come up with a customized day-of photography timeline! I’ve had brides come back to me after being in other weddings and literally thank me for the timeline and how quick and efficient their photos were. The point of the day is for you to enjoy it with your hubby, family, and friends - not spend 30 minutes taking family photos!

*I still highly recommend a day of coordinator to help the day run smoothly.*

So About Awkardness

Probably 90% of my couples say “we are so awkward!" Well let out a sigh of relief because it’s not your job to make you look “not awkward”! It's my job to help you look your very best all while feeling comfortable. It’s honestly so fun to have your picture taken, I promise!! Even the grooms always surprise their brides by saying “that was actually really fun!"


Each package comes with a complimentary engagement session style guide! This will help you look your best and feel your most confident in your attire for your engagement session!

Weddings that Change the World

One cool thing about partnering with Kharis Photography is you also get to partner with the Archibald Project. The Archibald Project "produces stories that increase the number of people caring for orphaned and vulnerable children and help them thrive in their efforts." They do this uniquely using media (like photography!) to tell stories that advocate for orphans and educate people orphan care. A percentage of every wedding I book goes to them to help the mission!

I also offer family shoots for adoptive families free of charge! The average cost of a domestic adoption is over $41,000. When you book Kharis Photography for a wedding, you directly help families who are in the process of adopting build their family portfolio book with beautiful pictures or celebrate a completed adoption with new family photos.

My Photography Philosophy

 I believe in capturing your day as it unfolds. For example, I may move you to a spot that’s cleaner with better lighting for you to put on your dress, but I’m not going to make you and your parents re-hug and “hold it, hold it, hold it” - so awkward and so not real life! When you see that picture you’ll remember holding that pose for an awkwardly long time, not the sweet hug from your mom! I do everything in my power to avoid these awkward “re-do” and “hold-it” moments! But, I will give plenty of posing and direction during portraits so you’re not asking "Where do I look?! What do I do with this hand?!"

Why Kharis Photography?

-Over 100 weddings photographed

-100% client satisfaction

-7+ years in the photography business

-Over 100 5 star reviews on Facebook and Google

-Professional knowledge of natural lighting and authentic posing



-6 Hour Wedding Day Coverage
-20 Minute Engagement Mini Session
-Unlimited Digital Images
-Online Gallery
-Print Release + Unlimited Downloads



-8 Hour Wedding Day Coverage
-Engagement Session
-Unlimited Digital Images
-Online Gallery
-Print Release + Unlimited Downloads
-8x8 20 Page Album



-8-10 Hour Wedding Day Coverage + Second Shooter
-Engagement Session
-Bridal Session
-Boudoir Session
-Unlimited Digital Images
-Online Gallery
-Print Release + Unlimited Downloads
-8x8 20 Page Album
-8x8 20 Page Parent Album


Frequently Asked Questions

How long until we receive our images?

Sneak peaks are delivered within 48 hours and full albums are available within 3-4 weeks for sessions and 6-8 weeks for weddings.

How many images are included in "unlimited"?

There is literally no limit! My 8 hour wedding days typically get somewhere between 650-1,000 photos depending on size of family, wedding party, reception vibe etc. One hour sessions will receive upwards of 100 images.

can i add on a second shooter/sessions to packages?

If your package doesn't come with a second shooter you can add one on for $700 for the full day! Sessions can be added as well, just let me know what you're thinking!

Are your packages customizable based on wants/budget?

Weddings are expensive, I get it! I'm happy to chat more about your desires and budget. If you love my work and vision, I'd love to work with you!

Do you require a deposit?

A 50% deposit is required and the final 50% is due 6 weeks before booking. Sales tax will be added to each package as is required by the state of North Carolina.

I Want more info/ready to book, now what?!

Simply let me know which package you want to book and we'll get you all squared away with a contract! I love to chat with couples who have further questions on the phone/FaceTime too so if you want to do that let me know! :)